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This page is exclusively for clients to review work in progress, make comments and corrections. Once the content is uploaded clients will be notified by e-mail. Digital Architectural Portfolio will review comments and make corrections for the final product.


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Review and Correction Process


Digital Architectural Portfolio


1. Information to be provided by the Client

 Client must provide all information about the structure and materials/textures as necessary to create each scene.  This is generally the same information required by artists for hand renderings, including all plans, elevations, color chips, and material samples.  At the Client's request, DAP will use its best judgment to illustrate areas where information is missing, but cannot be held responsible for any changes caused by its judgments or from missing information.

If the Client does not provide data for placement of buildings, signage, driveways, site furnishings, landscape, etc., DAP will use its best judgment to provide a pleasing/conforming layout.  DAP does not provide an interior or architectural design service as part of this agreement.  It is the intent of any interior view to demonstrate the attributes of the space, where applicable.  Furnishings are provided primarily for scale, not as focal points. DAP may, at the request of the Client, provide exterior landscape and hardscape design, where and as applicable to the completion or creation of scenes and motion paths.

2.  DAP Stock Library

All digital images used to furnish animated scenes are from DAP’s stock library of images, either created by DAP or purchased for its commercial use.  Any custom images requested will be quoted upon request and only after receiving the necessary information to do so.

Landscape elements are provided from DAP’s stock library. DAP cannot guarantee that all vegetation types specified in the landscape plans are available for use in the animations. Whenever necessary, DAP will use its stock library to substitute specified vegetation with imagery or models that resemble the specified vegetation.

3.  Colors and Materials

DAP will use its best effort to accurately match color information and materials provided by Client.  Client recognizes, however, that colors and materials will vary from the supplied information due to lighting conditions and the specific printer and/or display device used to display the image.  Reasonable variations from supplied color data material representation are to be expected.

4.  Client Reviews and Changes

Client understands that the 3D visualization process is not perfect, that “gray areas” will exist, and some information may be missing if not clearing and precisely specified in the CAD drawings.  For the process to be cost effective for both parties, Client will allow DAP to use its experience and judgment to create the best possible images and animations and  given time, financial and informational constraints. DAP will also allow Client the opportunity to make reasonable changes as long as they significantly improve the presentation.


After the allowed changes any changes by the Client are billed at an hourly fee that includes changes to information and materials provided by Client to  DAP. Examples are changes in architectural elements, site orientations, and floor plan modifications.


Product schedule and delivery is tied to the signed contract.


DAP is not responsible for Client's delays in providing the correct information. If the Client does not provide the information within 7 days DAP will not assume responsibility for making changes and will continue with the project schedule.


If any problem or issue in the design process arises the Client must notify DAP immeditely in order for DAP to make corrections or changes to the design process.


Your understanding and attention to these guidelines will make the rendering process  easy and straightforward.



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