All you need to know about Max Rendering Service

Real Time Rendering


3D visualization has become a required component for almost any large scale project. So if you need an architectural visualizer for your upcoming projects I have the ability to provide you with all of the necessary resources to make your project a success.


The  service is provided by Digital Architectural Portfolio and created in Revit or Max.  Rene Neira is a rendering specialist who has completed the Autodesk Training Certification, and has the ability to bring two dimensional drawings into high quality 3D. DAP provides photorealistic images and animations for architects, interior or industrial designers.


1) The architect or designer will be asked to provide floor plans, elevations, materials and colors, as well as the time frame for delivery of renderings / animations.


2) Digital Architectural Portfolio will create and deliver a final set of rendering scenes in JPG or GIF, or any other format requested by the architect or designer. Animation files will be save to on AVI format.


3) The fee estimate will be based on the size, complexity and budget for each particular project.


Rush orders on rendering is an option depending on project time frame, size and complexity.


4) Both parties must agree in writing on quality, time frame or any special requirement for rendering. To protect both parties and avoid any misunderstanding, the scope of work and payment schedule has to be defined in detail and included in the quote. The client will be required to make a minimum deposit of 25% of the fee and sign the quote. After you receive the first draft in aproximatly 5 to 10 working days depending on the size of the job and complexity.


Communication and Collaboration regarding  

          a)    Architectural details  

          b)    Materials  

          c)    Colors

          d)    Lighting, view angles, will be essential for success.


Your understanding and attention to these guidelines will make the process of working together easy and straightforward.



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